4 Signs that you are dating a controlling person

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4 Signs that you are dating a controlling person

It could be very annoying if someone tries to control you for no reason. Though a relationship demands approval of our partner in some cases but it no where reflects that we should be controlling each other. If you are dating someone and have a doubt in your mind that the person is controlling you or has personality of controlling people around them then this post is for you.

Initially we do not feel anything or the other person tries to hide his/her real personality just to get closer to you first. So it is crucial that you know that who you are dealing with. Let us show you some signs that you are dating a controlling person.

1. They don’t trust you

They will never trust you even if you have been loyal to them and always speak the truth. The reality is that people who have controlling habit tend to not trust other people because that is how they are going to be able to control them. If they trust you, they will not feel the urge to control you. It is very simple.

2. They will tell you to not do things which you want

Many times you will find yourself in the situation where you will be wanting to go out or doing something and they will tell you not to do that without any reason. They will try to fool you by telling some stupid reasons but it will not at all make sense to you. Why? Because they want to keep you in control. They want to test their position and power. They want to see that if you are in control of them of not. This is how controlling people will try to control you. Sometimes they will become aggressive or sometimes they will try to make you emotional. No matter what they will try to keep you in control. If you somehow manage to do what you wanted then they will give you threats of ending relationship and if you are intelligent enough then you should agree with this.

3. They will play guilt game

Guilt is something that no one wants to feel. You feel guilty sometimes for not doing things that were asked by them. For example if you cancel your date then maybe they will make you guilty for not meeting them or how much this meeting meant to them. Guilt is another form of controlling weapon which these people use. People who are genuine, honest and loving more often fall into this trap as they are more likely to accept that the situation is there just because of them. So be aware of people who try to make you feel guilt every time for not doing something that they wanted.

4. Manipulating personality

They will try to manipulate you by hook and by crook. If you have made a decision about something they will try to manipulate you decision by using different types of emotions so that you do not stick to it and at the end do what they wanted.

No matter what do not stick to anyone who behaves like this. This is your life and you have to be wise enough to let only those people enter it who bring happiness and joy to your life. Sometimes we make mistake and date someone who is controlling but we suggest you to not continue your mistake as sooner or later you are going to regret. So it is always a better choice to stay away from these people and live your life your way. Do not let anyone interrupt in your freedom. Take charge of it.

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