5 Signs she is hiding her feelings for you

signs she is hiding her feelings

5 Signs she is hiding her feelings for you

So you are interested to know if she likes you or not? If you are curious to know that is she is also interested in you then we have the answer for you. There are several signs which a girl shall give to a guy if she really likes her.

Love is not a straightforward thing. For some people it is very easy to get and very easy to live with. For some people it is complicated. The definition of love is also different for everyone. But one thing is there for sure, you can acknowledge yourself with the fact that the person you are seeking to be your partner in future is thinking the same for you or not.

Let’s find out!

1. Her body language will tell everything

Girls are very smart and able to control themselves but as a human being we are not aware of the fact that we do make some actions in front of people we like or we don’t like. When she is with you, you will notice that she is nervous in front of you. She might smile more often or play with her hair. The best part is she may try to touch you by sitting near you or while talking to you. She is going to do these things not intentionally but in response to the fact that she likes you.

2. She will feel jealous

You will catch her being jealous for you if you try to talk about some other girl in front of her. For example If you both are out for a lunch or something and a cute girl walks out in front of you guys and if you give her attention and say that she is beautiful you will be able to see that the girl next to you will not give you a good response. You have to be smart as sometimes a girl can hide her feelings and will not tell you how jealous she is when you talk about some other girl to her. You can also find her insecurity if she doesn’t like you pictures in which there is some other girl with you.

3. She will go out with you no matter what

If she never says no to you it means you are special. Girls always have plans and always have people who they know asking for them to go somewhere. If you call her and ask to go out and she figures out a way to cancel all her plans then it means she wants to spend more time you than anyone else. This is a clear indication of the fact that she really likes you. If she is ready to go out with you and making excuses to her gang then you surely need to look up on this.

4. She will tell her with her eyes

When you are around despite showing gestures that also indicate the same thing she will also look you the way she never looks at anyone else. She will look at you and will make you feel better, more comfortable and lovable. You will really love the way she will look at you. She will always make eye contact with you to make you more comfortable and express the liking she has for you. You will always love the way she looks at you.

5. She will be flirtatious with you

When you are with her and when she is texting you, these are completely different things. As she might be nervous when you are around and will hesitate to say those words which she wants to say but stuck in her throat. While she is texting you she will be more confident and less nervous which means she will be able to flirt with you. She will try to flirt with you to indicate you that she is interested in you. She will also like you flirting with her and will continue with you. Girl who likes you will never stop you from flirting as she wants you to express your intentions and what you want from her.

While these are just gestures but these are some of the important things to notice if you want to know that she really likes you or not. It is going to be easy for you to know if she likes you or not. Keep it simple for you so that you can come to a conclusion earlier and decide whether to date her or to stay as a friend only.

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